Modular Conveyor Belts


To meet the need of automation, Mercury has created an exclusive department for developing conveyors to reach many applications within various industry segments. This is possible as a result of current investments in modern technologies and a constant search for innovations in all departments.

– Process Automation
– Mechanical Engineering
– Electronics
– Assembly
– Startup




We have a team prepared to develop projects and mapping lines.
Our Engineering department coordinates all this mapping, using the most modern equipment, where all important information is removed for a quick and practical maintenance. Subsequently all items are detailed in AutoCad and presented to the customer in an interactive and intuitive way, making it easy to identify each component of the equipment.
In addition to extensive engineering experience, our department has periodic training courses at home and on site.
Together with the modular department, we have developed large projects in our clients, bringing technology and practicality, innovating more and more the transport of materials.