The Mercury company was founded in 1992 by our current director José Antonio Galina who started his business after the opening of the world market for imports of machinery and equipment. He realizing the modernization of the plants of large companies in the national market, as well as the demand for excellence in its processes began to emerge in this period, identified the importance of spare parts and consumables with high quality and quick delivery. A company that had its initial installation in the city of Campinas – SP, where it is currently the Matrix, and expanded its business by opening branches at strategic points in Brazil aimed at providing better service to its customers. Over the years, acquired a great know-how of the application of our products, thus identifying the importance of quality that must have the materials used in our processes and services, and with this view, the raw materials are constantly studied the enhanced along with our suppliers, all major companies in the world market. Also we focus on the qualification of our employees who seek more effective in solving various problems that arise in everyday life of our customers. Together with a cost-benefit ratio that differs from many, Mercury has over three hundred items in stock and constantly develops new replacement parts for equipment from different manufacturers, ranging from a small band until blankets cutting and creasing high performance. In addition to always seek excellence in everything we do.



Unique in the segment self-sufficient for 14 years, Mercury stands as the largest supplier of solutions in special belts and parts in polyurethane and food packaging industries, developing and manufacturing items that excel in durability and efficiency, the components pre-established equipment manufacturers, regardless of the size and location of the customer. A Brazilian company of international standing, which immediately expands its service throughout South America and is projected to eventually meet the other continents, providing reliable solutions in the short term and with a great relationship between cost and benefit.


Being the largest supplier of belts, blankets and polyurethane parts for the packaging industry and paper manufacturing in South America.


Produce and supply belts and accessories with the highest quality so that they can meet all the requirements that our customers require, and always looking for improvements and solutions to their concerns.

Quality Policy

Meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, always striving for excellence of our products and services using the system of quality management to our effectiveness.


Mercury, aware that an efficient service is essential to ensure that the production of his client is not slowed or even stopped, offers a 24-hour service to ensure that every need is met as quickly as possible.


We are constantly working on developing materials and manufacturing processes that minimize environmental impact, ensuring that we fulfill our role to improve the quality of life for all. In our current home we have special filters that eliminate the emission of gaseous pollutants from the manufacture of polyurethane parts. The design of the new company headquarters, its construction will start from June, will feature a collection system and reuse of rainwater and drives the pumps will be made through solar energy.


Contracts in partnership with more than 28 large customers, providing technical assistance and permanent business, aiming to enable more cost effective. Specialized training, 24-hour service; study specific to the reduction of inventory replenishment with minimum inventory that meets the needs of our partners at the speed required; preventive monitoring with mapping.